Food Grade Gearhead Motor Solves Problem for Packaging Manufacturer

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bread_on_trays_w430x300Gearhead motors can be ideal for the food and packaging industries if they are selected with several key features.

A manufacturer of machines for gluing, fill, sealing and diverting food containers for the food-processing industry had a requirement for the motor and gearhead to be mounted above the food plane. Certain modifications were also needed for the gearhead to make it safe for the food environment, and capable to withstand frequent washdowns.

Gearhead design considerations

The selection criteria to be aware of for selecting products in the food packaging and process industries:

  • Lubrication – must be USDA food grade approved in case of incidental contact with food;
  • Sealing – must prevent any leaking as well as prevent any ingress of the fluid during washdown;
  • Finish – special FDA-approved finish must be used making it very durable and resistant to chipping, oxidizing or rusting;
  • Output Shaft – stainless steel prevents any rust from developing and contaminating the processing food.

Parker solution

gearhead_foodgrade_parkerThe Stealth PS planetary gearhead with standard F01 food grade special option. Stealth PS planetary gearhead with standard food grade option provides the gearhead with standard modifications including special lubrication, Viton seals, special finish and a stainless steel output shaft. Since this food grade modification is a standard option, delivery is only one week over the standard gearhead lead time.

Similar standard modifications exist for:

  • Vacuum
  • Clean room
  • High temperature
  • Radiation

Learn more about Gearheads in this overview video

Article Contributed by Jeff Nazzaro, gearhead and motor product manager, Parker Electromechanical & Drives Division North America

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